Energylines and Therapies with Andrea Baglioni

Tuesday  26 September  2017  10:00 AM    Monday  2 October  2017 7:00 PM
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Last update 03/10/2017

What is it about?
The course covers the main Energy Line and Points System as taught by Asokananda and the approach to therapeutic massage. It covers in details the Back Pain, Shoulder and Neck Therapies.

Who is teaching?
Andrea Baglioni (Italy) visits Thailand annually, teaching at the Sunshine Network Centre as one of their most senior teachers. Since the passing of Asokananda he has co-run the Sunshine Network Centre Lahu Village in Northern Thailand. Along with Thai Yoga Massage, Andrea practice and teaches Tai Chi and Yoga. He teaches training courses in Thailand, Italy and London. For more Info please visit

It requires a Thai Yoga Massage Foundation/Beginner Course and a General Advanced course as back ground along with practical experience.

Course fee 650 Euro wich includes studing materials, vegetarian lunch meal and a daily tai chi and meditation morning class.

Five early bird seats available. Book now for 570 Euros instead of 650 Euros.

(+30) 69 55 33 02 76

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