Landscapes of Dadata Session One

Saturday  19 May  2018  12:00 PM    Sunday  20 May  2018 11:59 PM
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Last update 09/04/2018

Location Athens Greece

Twenty spots in the City of Athens will be hosting Dadata Session One.

Ten Galleries downtown of the Ancient City and Ten Importand Spots of the Underground Scene of Athens will be the unique contributions of Dadata Sessions.

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© Dadata is an audiovisual database for Design, Fine Arts, Cinematography, Sound and Fashion.

A digital archive constructed by unique contributions. Each contribution stands alone whereas in dialogue with the others, forming a collage of objets trouvé. They become sets by chance with no narration to be shared, rather a collective experience. A flow of correspondence with indefinite outcome is created, constrained by its duration.

The material, unedited though arranged, is filled and classified every six months, at the end of each Session.

Projections selected by

© Bibo UK © Black Athena GR © Teranga Beat GR © Marcel Duchamp w/ Aphex Twin UK © Drog_A_Tek GR © Alex And His Soul Messengers UK © Alexandros Vardanis GR © George Rallis GR © TBA GR © TBA UK © Doo Doo Doo GR © Sepho GR © Chris Kontos GR © Kennedy Magazine GR © Homcore GR © Leon Segka GR © Collective Thoughts Studio GR © The Comet is Near GR © Silv Asim UK © Siri GR © Underflow GR © Eliades GR © Damaris Thanopoulou GR © Giannis Tzotzos GR @ TBA UK © TBA AUS © TBA SWISS © TBA CAIRO @ TBA ADDIS ABABA © Bibo UK © Kasseta GR © Round 40 GR © Anastasia Papaleolida Poutza GR © Lav Unused GR © Black Athena GR

Visual Artists

© Doo Doo Doo GR © TBA NY © Aphex Twin UK © TBA GE © Dadata GR © TBA © Bibo UK © Silv UK © Eliades GR © Panayiotis BER © Jetset GR @ Olivia UK © Black Athena GR

© All Rights Reserved 2018 © Atelié Collective
© Doo Doo Doo © Alexandros Vardanis © Dist Books © Dadata Sessions

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© Black Athena GR © Hard GPO GR
© Teranga Beat GR © George Rallis GR © TBA UK
© Dadata GR © Sepho GR © Panayiotis Vardanis GR
© Chunky GR © The Comet is There GR
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© Yiannis Stefanakos GR © TBA UK © TBA BER © TBA GR © Nap Kalliris GR

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Nearby hotels and apartments
Ten Galleries, ten unique contributors of Dadata Sessions.
Athens, Greece
Ten Galleries, ten unique contributors of Dadata Sessions.
Athens, Greece